Bhowray Tyres

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The technology available with Bhowray Tyre is comparable with retreading technology in all best retreading companies.

It is important to select the correct rubber formulation for different applications and has access to rubber formulations for all types of applications. Many smaller retreads use hand buffers and builders to process tyres. This creates distortions in the tyres and misalignment on the vehicle, causing substantial damage to the vehicle. At Bhowray Tyre, tyres are buffed, built and cured in inflated conditions.

Our retreading process usually saves 30 to 50 percent cost when compared with new tyre price.

We follow the following process to make your old tyre as good as new one.

  1. Initial inspection which evaluates the safety of the casing
    Our tyre specialists experience and knowledge are key tools in evaluating the future reliability and safety of the casing and grading it for the most appropriate application.
  2. Non-destructive inspection checks invisible safety issues
    By using continuously upgraded technology, such as the Nail-hole Detector. We inspect the tyres thoroughly.
  3. Buffing restores the tyre dimensions and a perfect balance
    Buffing removes the worn tread, textures the surface and corrects any discrepancies in the circumference of the tyre.
  4. Filling repair and save valuable casings
    All damage to the tyre is removed and repaired to restore the original strength of the casing.
  5. Building, adding a new tread and value
    Next, cushion gum and the new tread are accurately and consistently applied around the circumference of the casing.
  6. Curing secures the tread to the casing
    The Blackstone retread is then cured in a flexible envelope at a moderate temperature and pressure.
  7. Final inspection checks safety and perfect appearance
    To complete off the process, the newly retreaded tyre is returned for a final visual and manual inspection to ensure it meets all performance and appearance specifications.